1:285 (6mm) Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

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The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle was a prototype amphibious infantry fighting vehicle developed for the US Marines. It had a crew of three, could carry up to eighteen infantrymen, and was armed with a 30/40mm Mod.1 Mk.44 cannon and M240 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

As the EFV never made it into service, this model has some speculative elements. Its dimensions are based upon the second generation of the development vehicle. There are two versions included, one for land, the other- with tracks retracted- for water.

The Versatile Plastic version features four EFVs- two of each version. Some body elements are thicker, and finer panel details may not reproduce as clearly. The Detailed Plastic version only features two EFVs, but surface detail will be clearer.