Universal Greeblie

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Greeblies are those little bits of detail added to models to give them extra texture and depth. Professional special effects shops used them all teh time, usually taking them from the sprues of military models. One particular piece was used on so many models that it has been jokingly referred to as the 'Universal Greeblie'. This model is loosely based upon that greeblie.

Available in four sizes- 4mm (extra small), 6mm (small), 8mm (medium), and 10mm (large).

This model is currently available on backorder from Shapeways. I order prints in bulk, and post the products when they arrive. Thus, delivery will take longer than for items I hold in stock.

In most cases, models printed to order by Shapeways are more expensive than those I hold in stock. There are ways in which I can order multiple copies of a model, all on the same sprue, and bring costs down. I am working my way through the catalogue, finding the models for which this works.