ChuanYu 1/200 Russian Cruiser Varyag / Japanese Cruiser Soya RC Ready Ship Model

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A highly detailed model of this vessel with an interesting history, ready for conversion to remote control. The model depicts the cruiser during its time as the Varyag. The major difference when it was the Soya was in the shape of its funnels.


3D printed hull and superstructure.

Brass detailing set, including 3 photo etched sheets, brass barrels, and other fittings.

Wooden deck.

Spray masking sheet.

Brass RC upgrade kit, with brass propellers.

Electronic equipment (steering gear, remote control, ESC, battery, etc) not included.

Finished model size: length 650mm, width 80mm.

The Varyag/Soya had an interesting, and fraught, service history. Commissioned by Imperial Russia, she was built by an American firm, launched in 1899, and entered service in 1901. At the Battle of Chemulpo Bay, during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905, she was heavily damaged by superior Japanese forces. Rather than surrender, the crew scuttled the ship.

The Japanese salvaged the Varyag, and she entered service with their navy as the Soya in 1907. It served as a training vessel, until being returned to Russian hands in 1916 as part of an agreement between the now allied countries. In 1917, when the October Revolution occurred, the Varyag was in Liverpool to be refitted. After the crew raised the red flag, the British seized the vessel. Her time in British hands was inauspicious- running aground under tow in 1918, being refloated and used as a hulk, then running aground again in 1920, on the way to be broken up for scrap.

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