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Hemisphere Concrete Planter

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A throwback to street furniture of the sixties to eighties. This is the sort of cast concrete planter that you would find on shopping streets and unlovely paved areas, providing a splash of colour.

They come in two sizes, 13mm and 19.6mm, and can be used across a variety of scales.

13mm is 98 centimetres in 1:76th, 1.13 metres in 1:87th, 73 centimetres in 1:56th (28mm), 56 centimetres in 1:43, 46 centimetres in 1:35th, and 42 centimetres in 1:32nd.

19.6mm is 1.49 metres in 1:76th, 1.7 metres in 1:87th, 1.1 metres in 1:56th, 84 centimetres in 1:43rd, 67 centimetres in 1:35, and 63 centimetres in 1:32nd.

This model is on backorder from the printer, and the first batch have yet to arrive, so delivery will take longer than for items already in stock. The Early Adopter Discount applies until the first of them arrive in stock.

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