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36 foot cigarette boats 1:350/1:285

36 foot cigarette boats 1:350/1:285

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Four models of high speed civilian boats to go with your naval models. They are available in full hull or waterline versions. The waterline version is also available in 1:285, for 6mm wargaming scenarios.

Based upon a generic 36 foot cigarette boat, these are perfect for offshore racing, or smuggling stuff into the Florida Keys. If you have any Coastguard ships, they could be chasing these

Designed hollow, with a slot in passenger compartment. There are two figures in the compartment. Paint them in pastel colours, and have them chase drug smugglers and pimps.

The keel and nose have been fattened up, otherwise they would be too thin to properly print. You'll need to do a little sanding to draw them out to a point.

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