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1:24 Street and Track Racer Parts

1:24 Street and Track Racer Parts

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Some goodies for the inside and outside of your track day toy or illicit street racer. The sprue holds two each of-

5 inch dash mounted gauge

5 inch dash mounted tachometer with shift light

Billet tow hook

Ring tow hook

Fire extinguisher

Quick release steering boss. This is in two parts, on either side of the sprue- the boss that bolts to the back of the steering wheel, and the spline on the end of the column that it slots onto.

There is also a hockey mask, as worn by Japanese street racers to hide their identities as they speed through the traffic in illegal street races on the Kanjo ring and elsewhere. They sometimes turn up in legitimate builds as well, hanging off the headrest in a nod to a vehicle's heritage.

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