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ChuanYu 1/200 German Z-class Destroyer Z43 RC Ready Ship Model TMW00086

ChuanYu 1/200 German Z-class Destroyer Z43 RC Ready Ship Model TMW00086

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Detailed ship model, ready for remote control. Length 635mm, width 60mm.


2 part 3D Printed hull

3D printed deck, bridge etc.

RC ready parts

Type 050 Brushed Motor x 2

Brass Shaft Couplings x 2

Y-Supports x 2

Brass Stern Tube x 2

Stuffing Tube x 2

Brass Propeller x 2

Brass Motor Mount x 2

2mm Stainless Steel Shaft x 2

Steering Arm x 2

Steering Rob x 2

Buckle of Servo x 4

Hollow Head Setscrews

Detailing parts

Wooden Deck x 1

Brass Anchor x 2

Anchor Chain x 2

Photo Etched sheets x 3

Brass Main Gun Barrels x 5

Brass AA Gun Barrels x 20

Aluminum Mast x 6

Brass Jack x 2

Ultra-Flex Memory-Alloy-Wire (for antenna)

Masking Sheet (Covers deck)

Pre-cut Wood Support

Electronic equipment (Remote control, ESC, battery, etc.) not included.

Z43 was a Type 1936B destroyer built for the Kriegsmarine during World War II. Completed in mid-1944, the ship served in the Baltic Sea, escorting German ships, laying minefields, and bombarding Soviet forces. She participated in a minelaying operation in December 1944, where her sister ships Z35 and Z36 were sunk when they accidentally entered a German minefield. She was badly damaged by a mine on 10 April 1945, and scuttled on 3 May of that same year.

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